Sophie Beauty Pick of the Week!

Ok so I'm working on doing a little Sophie pick each week of my favorite beauty items. I'm ridiculous when it comes to makeup and nail products especially, so this should come pretty easy:) 

This week's pick is the new Vinyl nails product from OPI. If you're like me nothing stays on my natural nails polish wise except gel, but I hate how even gel breaks down my nails when it comes off.  So on my trip to the salon this last Thursday I thought I'd try this new polish. It applies just like regular polish and requires no light. It's advertised to last 10 days. I'm just on day 4, but so far I'm impressed!


Usually I have a polish for 1-2 days and it's chipping, so far no chips or wear and it's still super shiny! It's about $5 more to have it done over regular polish, but for vacation or an event I think it's totally worth it!  Oh and there's great color options as well!

Well my son sounds like he's not going to nap so that's it for now! Have a great week everyone!



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