7 Great Things to Try This Week

7 Great Things to Try This Week

7 Great Things to Try This Week


Wake Up an Hour Earlier Than Usual

I'm always surprised at the outcome of my day when I decide to wake up earlier, to give myself a little bit more time. Sure, hearing the alarm go off at 5:30 instead of 6:30 is painful, but a productive morning makes up for that. Some people spend a productive morning accomplishing some little things before work, others find time to workout, I enjoy slowing my morning down. When I wake up earlier I spend more time on my outfit, hair, and makeup (which often makes me feel better all by itself). But I also find the time to drink my tea instead of throwing it in a thermos and running out the door. Waking up with a little extra time gives me the chance to breathe and center myself before the day starts. 


Try Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling has become extremely popular. Often it's beautiful (colorful and organized), and it helps those who use it to stay on top of what's happening in their lives. Bullet journals are a place for tasks and to-do's, but also goals, thoughts of the day, quotes, and drawings. If you're interested, check out this website to learn more.


Cook a Kick A$$ Meal

I am a firm believer in treating one's self (see my previous blog post!) and I find that cooking a wonderful dinner is one way to do so. I love being proud of what I put on my plate, knowing what's in the dish, and hearing "mmmm's" of pleasure from my guests. Buy vegetables and feel healthy AF. Find a Martha Stewart cook book and let her pull you into the world of fine dining and classy french words.


Make Plans with a Loved One

This seems self-explanatory. Spend time with someone you love! It can be easy to get caught up on the weekdays and only reach out to loved ones on the weekends when you feel like you have time, but whether it's a phone call or a chill night on the couch, some intimate connection with your friend/family member/significant other can help ground your busy week and pull your mind away from the things that stress you out. 


Set Aside Time for Yourself

Oh I love this one. I love alone time. You might want the whole night to yourself, but if you already have plans, find at least 10 minutes to spend time with yourself. What did you accomplish this week? What was a high? A low? Check in and make time for you.


Write a To Do List...and Stick to It

Saturday is my chores day. I clean the apartment, take out the recycling, come work a side hustle, and (usually) make a big meal for myself and my significant other to get us through the weekend. I always write a to-do list and sometimes I don't do everything on it. To be honest, sometimes I barely do anything on it and push everything else to Sunday. But the days I accomplish all of my Saturday chores are amazing. I feel so productive! I suggest you try to do the same!


Get Out

As in, get outside. The weather is getting warmer now, but you can find fun outdoor activities even in the depths of winter. I'm from Minnesota, so trust me, it's possible. I have an adorable little pup and on Sundays I like to take him on a really long walk. It tires us both out. We find a trail and just go. Being outside is proven to help your mood, brain function, and health so get out there! Just remember to wear your sunscreen. 


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