7 Things To Do for Improvement and Happiness

7 Things To Do for Improvement and Happiness

7 Things To Do for Improvement and Happiness

I don’t think there are tricks or instant tips to automatically be happier or instantaneously improve your life, but I do think that when we adopt and practice small habits they become lifestyles. And practicing those small habits do help us to feel maybe a little bit better, or proud, or content at that moment. These are small things you can do everyday and hopefully they become habit enough that they become a part of who you are.

Drink More Water

I actually find this harder than it is. That’s slightly laughable, I know, but water does not taste like soda. Water, though, is vital for our body to function properly. It helps our brain and nervous system run smoothly, it nourishes our cells, and keeps us thinking and moving. If we’re even the slightest bit dehydrated, we’re more likely to have a decrease in reasoning, attention, memory, and language.

Express Your Gratitude

Even on the hardest days, I am able to recognize something I am thankful for. Yesterday I was so tired, and I didn’t want to be tired because I had things to do and people to see. Even in that frustrating moment, I was able to realize that I was also so comfortable. I’m so lucky to have something as simple as comfort! A body that isn’t ill, soft blankets, and the perfect room temperature. Your gratitude can be expressed silently into the universe, but I challenge you to express your gratitude vocally if you’re grateful for someone or for what someone did. Take the time to say, “Thank you for…” It means so much.

Wake Up Just A Little Bit Earlier

Morning productivity is oftentimes the best kind of productivity. It’s the quickest (literally) way for me to feel amazing about myself in the day. Plus, studies have shown that early risers are more proactive, which means better job opportunities, better job performance, and even allows you to become better at minimizing problems.


This has always been a hard one for me. My moods tend to stick around and it is extremely hard for me to pull myself out of a mood on a whim. I’m not the “fake it ‘til you make it” type (although in this case it’s fake happiness until you are happy). But moods are such heavy weights on our shoulders. This self-blockage ceases us from letting go and moving on, and hinders our ability to create long-lasting, trusting relationships. Wipe the slate clean! Not only for others, but for yourself as well.


Oh, this is one of my favorites because sometimes the good feeling is instantaneous. A clean, organized space will help to create a clean, organized head-space as well. Simplicity sometimes is truly more. When I’m feeling overwhelmed at work, I get out the duster and wipes and start putting unnecessary things away. Forgotten Post-it notes, gone. Tape dispenser I never use, in a drawer. I do this same thing at night because it helps me to go to bed with a clearer mind as well.

Pick Your Battles

I’m not sure this counts as a quick tip or habit, it’s more like a life lesson. You need to know when to speak up and when to stay quiet. When will your speaking up actually influence the situation? When will it make it worse? You need to be able to figure out what situations you truly care about in order to act appropriately.


The joys of journaling. This is the best way for me to clear my head. When I journal, I am able to get all the selfish, awful, and frustrating things down on paper, as well as all of the lovely, kind, and happy things as well. Journaling can help to bring clarity and organization to your thoughts.


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