7 Things Stylish Women Do Every Day

7 Things Stylish Women Do Every Day

7 Things Stylish Women Do Every Day

I remember the days of sports team banquets and senior year awards where some lucky girl is awarded "Best Dressed." For my sister, this was the dream, the ultimate accomplishment. For me, it was my reality (haha sister :) sucks to be you!) And now as we get older, we aspire to be the effortlessly stunning moms we see at the grocery store, the fabulously chic working women we see running errands, and the amazingly savvy-dressed older women we find at the mall. Unfortunately, creating an incredible outfit day after day takes a little bit of work and being a stylish woman takes some practice. So look below, and find the seven things stylish women do to be so stylish. 

They Ready Their Outfit the Night Before

Being stylish all comes down to preparation. When I fall into bed at night without laying out my clothes, sometimes I get lucky in the morning. Other times it's a mad dash through my closet, a Tasmanian devil-like whirlwind of clothes on my bed, and a sub-par outfit for the day. So be prepared!

They Give Themselves Time to Get Ready 

This definitely goes hand in hand with the previous must-do, but it's still separate and essential. Besides a stellar outfit, stylish women fit all parts of their appearance together like a puzzle. I wake up early to get the perfect winged eyeliner (that can take a frustratingly long time), eat my breakfast (without breakfast I am cranky and frowning), and do my hair (whether it's braided, curled, straightened, or something else, a lot of hair means a lot of time).

They Properly Wash and Neatly Fold and Hang Their Clothes

Some fabrics just need more care than others. I always read the tags on clothing before I wash and dry (especially if I am borrowing something!), and find a hanger if clothes wrinkle easily. Regardless, invest the $30 it takes to get an ironing board and iron, plus the time it may take to get the wrinkles out of your garments. No one wants to show up looking rumpled. 

They Re-wear Outfit Combos...or slightly alter them

Like everyone else, I have favorite outfit combos and there are days when I really need to wear them! We don't live in a TV show, so we can't have a new outfit for every day of our lives. I do change up my outfits every now and then, though. My black and white striped skirt is paired with a long sleeve, black tee. But I'll gladly switch it up with a mustard yellow tank or black short sleeve or over-sized blazer. If I don't want to change the outfit, I'll change my accessories or hair. A top knot is actually a much different look than wearing your hair down anyway.

They Dress to Impress Themselves

We all have our own style, so why style yourself for someone else? And why do we dress for men? Male strangers don't compliment our outfits and if they do, it's creepy! If your boyfriend compliments your dress, kiss him on the cheek and accept the reassurance that you look fabulous. Either way, I dress myself knowing that I want to feel a certain way on a certain day. I dress myself to give myself a saucy wink when I see my reflection.

When They Do Have Time, They Play Around

If I feel that I need to change up my outfit game, I play around. Rushed outfit combos can turn out fine, but when I have the time to try on that shirt, then that shirt, then that shirt, I get better results. Give yourself time to explore new combos or try something you normally wouldn't. A happy surprise is waiting for you!

They Own Staples

I don't need three black tees, I need one. And I don't need 23 "interesting," "detailed," or "fancy" tops when I can only wear them with jeans. To set your closet up for success you need to have the staples to do so. My one black tee goes with skirts, jeans, and jackets, all different colors and fabrics. The fabulous thing about staples is that they go with your other staples and those other fun items. And when you have clothing items that offer you a lot of diversity, your whole wardrobe will have it too. 


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