Brand Spotlight: Beljoy Haiti

Brand Spotlight: Beljoy Haiti

Brand Spotlight: Beljoy Haiti

We at Sophie are so proud to carry this not only beautiful line of jewelry, but a line that serves a true purpose.  Please read the story of Abby and her amazing mission to help the women of Haiti.


BÉLJOY was born out of a vision to give the people of Haiti opportunities to earn money through honest and dignified work. After many years of strong family connection to Haitian Christian Mission in Fond Parisien, we are partnering to provide sustainable jobs through the production of Haitian-made artisan goods. Haitian Christian Mission is home to BÉLJOY; here we have the beginnings of a business that can bless many.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere with 80% of its citizens living below the poverty threshold. The average Haitian who lives in a village similar to Fond Parisian lives on less than $2 a day. Despite the challenges, the people of Haiti are full of hope and joy. 

BÉLJOY engages the Haitian people by teaching them the trade of quality jewelry making. We are committed to the local sourcing of components like clay and paper beads and horn. This makes BÉLJOY jewelry distinctive, beautiful and meaningful to the artisans. By teaching this trade and paying a superior wage, we hope to strengthen people, restore dignity, and give them an opportunity to provide for their families. Every purchase made directly affects lives in Haiti and increases the opportunity to bless others. 

The Haitian people have changed our lives, showing us that true joy, despite circumstance, can only come from Jesus. That joy inspires the name BÉLJOY: BÉL means beautiful in Haiti's native language of Creole. The Haitian's glad hearts are beautiful and their faces are a clear reflection of the JOY they have in God. 

Restoring dignity and inspiring change,
Abby Clevenger - Founder


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